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Welcome to our website. On a global scale, we are a professional drill rig suppliers!
 Here is the classification list of all our products <
>Rotary drilling tool
- Rotary cutting pick / seat
- Rotary bucket teeth / bao'e teeth
- Quarter head / seat
- Rotary cutting tool
>Double wheel milling series
- Double wheel milling pick
- Double wheel milling plate teeth
- Double wheel gear milling seat
>Full rotation series
- Casing tooth / tooth seat
- Casing connection
>Three axis tool series
- HQ series
>round shank bit
>Road milling machine tool
- Milling gear
- Road mixer cutter
- Tool holder magazine
>Trenchless engineering tools
>Cone for pile foundation
>Trenchless cone
>Rock breaking hob
>Disc knife
After-sales service
Trust comes from the quality, choice is a guarantee of quality.
Establishment of a comprehensive customer service system.
Professional technical staff on standby...>>Readmore
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